"The monthly Sandbox gatherings provides a space to think about how to be more intentional and to honor my values in my work."- Sandbox attendee

You should join us at a monthly Sandbox gathering if any of these guiding principles resonate for you:

  • You use a strengths-based approach to work with youth, families & communities;

  • You are seeking a strengths-based place to network with other professionals;

  • You are seeking professional development opportunities;

  • You have an interest in collaborating with adults who work with, for, and/or on behalf of youth;

  • You look at your work as a juicy extension of your purpose;

  • A part of you want to create from outside of the 'systems’;

  • You think that work and play can co-exist;

  • You are seeking thought/test partners who share similar values abut their approach to working with youth, families, & communities.


"sandbox gatherings help me to connect with other like-minded youth development professionals."