Since April 2013, The Sandbox has been hosting a monthly networking gathering for youth development professionals, educators, teaching artists, and community advocates. At these gatherings people have time to meet & network with others, and also spend a portion of the time in a facilitated discussion or activity. Topics vary from month to month and are often generated by the participants. While Rebecca Fabiano is the founder of the Sandbox and serves as the convener and lead host of the gatherings, monthly sessions are often co-led or led by others. The space should be seen and utilized by attendees as a lab and a space for testing new ideas, facilitation techniques and getting feedback.


As a result of these meetings people have secured new work/contracts, and even created art projects together.

Meetings take place on the second Thursday of every month between

9 &10:30 am from September through June, unless otherwise noted.


The location is Buzz Cafe,

1800 Montgomery Street at the corner of Howard Street in North Philadelphia.


There is free parking and it is two blocks from the Berks El Train Stop.


sandbox gatherings