Click on each image to access resources that were distributed at a Sandbox gathering.

more resources are added after each gathering.

February 2020 Passionate Convos!

Here is a resource that was distributed during the February Sandbox hosted & facilitated by Emilia Autin-Hefner. How do you practice self-care? As an organization, what policies or practices do you offer?

January 2020 Planning & Goals Settin

In January we spent time reflecting on 2019 and compiling our "Oh Sh*t, I did that" list (Thanks to Melissa A. Rowe for putting us on to this concept). And we looked ahead to 2020 and mapped out what we hoped and planned for the new decade. Feel free to download the worksheets!

Register for HCD Course!

In this gathering we introduced the concept of Human Centered Design- register using the link to sign up for the mini- professional learning community on this topic.


For the May meeting we took our networking to the neighborhood and facilitated a netWALKING session. Feel free to download this tip sheet and be sure to check out the resources so you can host/facilitate your own walking meeting or netwalking session.

March 2018

For March's 2018 gathering the topic was on supporting youth during the #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo & #NeverAgain movements. Check out the link to the resources that were shared/developed during the meeting.

October 2017: Journey Mapping

The topic of this gathering was using a "journey map" as a tool for recruitment.

Sept. 2017

The topic of the September 2017 gathering was "Ask yourself these 6 critical questions this fall." Below is a link to the PDF so you can print/share and use these questions with your staff, participants or other stakeholders

April 2017

At this, April 2017 gathering, we discussed how to create a culturally responsive after school program and drew from this article from a recent TASC blog.

Self-Care October 2016

For the October Sandbox Gathering we focused on the topic of self-care and invited artists and facilitators to lead us in various activities. Read an except from The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit about what self care is and isn't.

September 2015

At the September 2015 gathering we focused on how to incorporate arts & theater into our facilitation/ activities. Here are the notes, which include a whole host of resources that may be of interest to you. Because it's a Google Doc you can add your own favorite resources, too!

October 2015

The topic for this gathering was Core Standards for Youth Programs. The resources include the Philly Core Standards for Youth Programs, which were drafted in 2000, as well as the PSAYDN tools that OST programs that receive an DHS/OST grant use as part of their Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process.

September 2016

What does it take to create organizational culture? Whose responsibility it it to create? How to include staff, youth and other stakeholders? This is what we discussed. Click here for resources from this gathering.

January 2015

Here are the resources from the January 2016 meeting, which focused on planning for the year ahead and how to create a yearbook to capture your, your staff and/or your participants' successes.

November 2015

This gathering focused on Core Competencies for Youth Workers and Career Resiliency.

Out of the Cafe & into the Streets!

Check out this resource for how to introduce walking meetings into your program. For this Sandbox meeting, we walked and talked to practice how to do it and discuss the pros/cons of bringing this concept back to our work.

Desiging a Culturally Responsive ...

At this gathering, we talked about how to create a culturally responsive after school program. Be sure to check out the resource that guided our conversation.